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At our Nov 09 meeting in London BioImaging, we defined a series of Workings Groups to define policies and strategies across the biological imaging in the UK.

Working Groups are self-selected committees that are working to define strategies and directions across the domain of biological imaging in the UK sciences. Our interests covers all modes of microscopy and in vivo used in life sciences research and biomedical imaging used in research and in clinical diagnosis and treatment.

Working Groups are considering issues in biological imaging infrastructure and in scientific themes.

Dec 2010 UPDATE: A ‎summary of these docs has been sent to the heads of all major UK funding agencies, inviting them to comment and engage in discussing next steps for supporting BioImagingUK. Further info to follow.

Working Group Topics Members Pages & Resources
Imaging Infrastructure
National Level Facilities Defining criteria, policies, etc. for access to commercial and pre-commercial imaging technology Dave Clarke Brad Amos Letter to Nature
Software tools & Data Management Defining strategy for delivering software tools for data management, data archiving, and data analysis Jason Swedlow, Paul Thomas, Boguslaw Obara, Daniel Zicha OME, Fiji, Facility Managers' meeting
Careers Defining policies and funding models to enable long-term career development and security for personnel dedicated to development and access of the latest imaging technology Peter March, Jason Swedlow, Martin Spitaler, Amanda Wilson, Paul French Facility Managers' meeting
Training How will we train the next generation of world-class imaging scientists? Nick Long, Paul French, Ramon Vilar Compte, Rebecca Wilson, Rebecca Nadal, Tony Gee and Felicity Gavins ???
Sustainability Defining strategies and funding models for maintaining imaging infrastructure and facilities in the UK Andrew Vaughan, Martin Spitaler, Paul French, Lucy Collinson Facility Managers' meeting
Connectivity What are the most valuable synergies between biological microscopy, research in vivo imaging, and medical imaging? Lucy Collinson, Tony Ng, Martyn Chamberlain, Tony Gee, Jemima Burden, Dave Clarke, Boris Vojnovic, Jeremy Skepper
Access Policies for Visitors, Animals, Patients How will access to UK imaging facilities and infrastructured be made available and harmonised? Peter O'Toole & Karen Hogg
Scientific Themes
Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy (SuRFM) Tools for single molecule imaging and superresolution microscopy Rolly Wiegand, Ann Wheeler, Gail McConnell, Dave Clarke, Ian Dobbie, Mark Neil, John Girkin, Andrew Carter Facility Managers' meeting
Electron imaging Tools for microscopy, tomography, correlative imaging Paul Verkade, Jemima Burden, Raffaella Carzaniga, Jeremy Skepper
Medical Imaging (e.g., PET, MRI, CT) Tools for in vivo imaging of humans and animals Tony Gee, Gerald Greil, David Wyper, David Nutt, Nick Long
X-ray microscopy Toola for imaging cells and tissues using X-ray imaging Dave Clarke
Higher speed/content/throughput functional imaging Tools for screening by imaging Paul French, Alessandro Esposito, Nick Barry ... Facility Managers' meeting
More physiological (in vivo) imaging Tools for in vivo research imaging John Girkin, Theresa Ward, Kurt Anderson, Chris Dunsby, Ana Maria Calcagno Pizarelli, Francois Lassailly... Facility Managers' meeting
Probes & Biosensors Tools for new labelling technologies, multi-modality imaging, label free... Tony Gee, Alessandro Esposito, Gail McConnell, Erik Arstad, Nick Long, Ramon Vilar, Tony Ng, Tom Eykyn, Roy Edward, Bon Hartley, Martin Spitaler, Anne Vaahtokari
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