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This page holds links to references and documents of interest to the BioImagingUK community. Commentary and discussion is available from the Discussion Tab above or on the the BioImagingUK Mailing List.

  • BioImagingUK Working Groups Docs Members of BioImagingUK have produced a number of strategy documents that define areas for development of new policies, processes and investment. Published Dec 2009.
  • Euro-BioImaging Survey Report on an EU-wide survey of use, need, and installed base for biological and medical imaging. Published Feb 2012.
  • DRAFT Criteria for Euro-Imaging Nodes This is a DRAFT document describing eligibility and review criteria for Euro-BioImaging Nodes. For feedback from members of BioImagingUK, please use the Discussion Tab above or the BioImagingUK Mailing List. Published June 2012.
    • The timeline for the development and implementation of these criteria are as follows:
      • June 2012-- Open call for feedback
      • July 1 2012 -- end of feedback period
      • Autumn 2012-- Final Criteria Published
      • Early 2013-- Open Call for Euro-BioImaging Node Applications
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