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Vulnerable Skills Survey

The BBSRC/MRC are running a survey and we plan to submit a group reply. This is a wiki page to construct this reply on.

Q1. What is the research area or discipline for which you wish to highlight a skills / capability vulnerability? (enter only one area)

Imaging expertise.

Q2. To which funder(s) do you consider this research area relevant?

  1. BBSRC
  2. MRC
  3. Both BBSRC and MRC
  4. Other
All research councils.

Q3. For the identified area, what is the evidence for its strategic importance?

  1. If the area addresses known strategic research priorities, please describe how, highlighting interdisciplinarity where relevant.
  2. What are the impacts (economic, social, health or academic) of this research skill in the UK?

Q4. Please indicate at what level(s) and in what way(s) you have identified a vulnerability in the research area within the last 5 years.

Please tick all that apply. (need to make this a table)

	Undergraduate	MSc	PhD	Post-doctoral researcher	Independent researcher	World leading researcher	Other (please specify below)

Recruitment Retention Diversity Age profile Current numbers Future supply Limited training opportunities Lack of career paths to preserve skills New / emerging area Other (please specify below)

Please provide evidence for your answers below, giving as much quantitative information as possible.

Q5. Why does this skill need to be enhanced in the UK, rather than by recruiting individuals from abroad? What would be the impact of losing UK expertise in this area?

Q6. Please tell us about any relevant interventions (that you are aware of) by institutions, companies or professional societies.

Please be as specific as possible and consider all appropriate intervention methods, including for example training courses and positions, workshops, networking events, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), summer schools, etc. Please indicate the scale of the intervention if possible (e.g. numbers of training positions available per annum).

Q7. For the identified area, describe what actions could be taken forward by BBSRC / MRC (in partnership with others, where appropriate) to support the efforts identified in question 6.

Are there any other skills / capability research areas that you wish to highlight?

  1. Yes
  2. No

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