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EuroBioImaging Proof-of-Concept Studies

EuroBioImaging is now moving ahead with the proof-of-concept studies (PCS) that will be an important pilot phase for EuroBioImaging. PCS will provide key data to develop the criteria for future nodes of the infrastructure. Separate PCS will run for:

An outline of the goals and timeline of the project is available PDF.

The EuroBioImaging PCS Sites were announced on 11 Oct 2011. Applications forms for projects are available on that site.

EuroBioImaging PCS in the UK: The following UK sites are participating in EuroBioImaging PCS:

WP6-- Advanced Light Microscopy- General Access (for full details, see the WP6 PCS page)

  • PCS Facility Nr. 22: Beatson Advanced Imaging Resource (BAIR); Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, University of Glasgow
  • PCS Facility Nr. 23: OMX Microscope, College of Life Sciences Light Microscopy Facility, University of Dundee

WP7-- Advanced Light Microscopy - Innovative Technologies (for full details, see the WP7 PCS page)

WP9-- Access to Innovative Technologies --Medical Imaging (for full details, see the WP9 PCS page)

  • PCS Facility Nr. 52: SPMMRC, University of Nottingham; Sir Peter Mansfield Magnetic Resonance Centre; School of Physics and Astronomy; The University of Nottingham

What funding is available for PCS Sites and Users?: As EuroBioImaging is still in its Preparatory Phase, no funding is available for the PCS in-kind sites. However, there are a number of funding schemes for scientific travel which may be approrpriate for PCS projects:

If you know of other funding schemes that may be appropriate for EuroBioImaging PCS, please contact the BioImagingUK mailing list].

EuroBioImaging PCS Timelines: The following table summarises the planned actions and dates. Note we are are on fairly tight timetable, thus there won't be flexibility in the time table. Final date for nomination of UK sites for WP6 or WP7 PCS will be 10 September.

Action Date
Identification of PCS Sites Aug-Sept 2011
Open Call for PCS Projects Oct 2011
Proposal Review and Decision Nov 2011
PCS Projects Jan - June 2012
Reporting from PCS Sites and Users July - Aug 2012

How will PCS projects be run?

Guidelines are available for General Access and Innovative Technologies sites (Super-resolution, Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy, High-Throughput Microscopy, Functional Imaging).

How will PCS Users be identified?

Euro-BioImaging will publish a call in Oct/Nov 2011 in Nature for users to apply for the PCS. This call will serve to select the best PCS projects based on the guidelines above and in addition be very valuable for Euro-BioImaging as an indication for the real user need in the different technology areas. Please do publicise this information-- do pass these links on.

What is the future role of PCS sites? The choice of sites is for the purpose of carrying out proof-of-concept studies only. Future Euro-BioImaging Nodes for the Construction and Operation phases will be chosen independently in a separate open call once eligibility criteria for infrastructure nodes have been finalized.

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