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Chair: Kath White (Newcastle Uni)

There was no one present from last year's discussion so it was difficult to follow on directly from the points raised then. Instead we started from why people had chosen this breakout session and what they thought was meant by correlative imaging.


Overall people think of correlative imaging as light and electron microscopy (CLEM)

Several people interested in CLEM but don't know much about it or how to go about developing it

General awareness of the CLEM course run by Paul Verkade at Bristol but unsure whether it is aimed at facility managers or researchers - again stressed the need for PIs to be educated into the possibilities of CLEM

Other correlative approaches

Recognised that other techniques such as FIB, AFM, MRI can also be utilised for correlative work and suggested that examples of these could be a topic for a future facility manager meeting

There was some discussion on specific points - e.g. the pros and cons of quantum dots; the Gatan 3view SEM and the opportunity for working with companies like Gatan to trial equipment/ get preliminary data

General discussion points

Before we think about connectivity within the UK we need to ensure there is connectivity within our own institutions

We need to get PIs on board in order to be able to drive any development

Recognised the need for meetings/workshops where people could learn about the techniques (one of the action points from last year's meeting was to organise a one day symposium to bring together experts in all aspects of correlative imaging - although our meeting in March isn't quite that it does include a lot of correlative imaging).

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