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The UK holds a leading position in excellence in life science research. One of the critical components of this excellence is its development, use, and expertise in imaging. Funding from UK research councils and charities has built a range of world-competitive imaging labs and facilities across the UK, and a world-competitive scientific research enterprise. Our aim is to ensure that these facilities continue to develop and expand, and where appropriate share access for the good of UK life science research.

We define imaging broadly, to include the development and use of new probes and markers, new and improved imaging methods and modalities, and new tools for image data processing, analysis, and management.

We will:

  1. Define, build and use tools to enable shared access to the general and specialised expertise based in life sciences imaging laboratories and facilities throughout the UK . We want to ensure that UK scientists are able to discover and ultimately use the knowledge and advances that are funded, developed, and available within the UK.
  2. Engage our departments, universities, and funding bodies to develop career models for the personnel that develop, maintain, and enable advanced imaging technology for the life sciences. Acknowledge the need to integrate expertise in engineering and physics in life sciences imaging, but also work to change the standard career paths and rewards such that the critical contributions made by advances in imaging are recognised and rewarded.
  3. Work to define new training programmes, to provide the foundation for the next advances in life sciences imaging within the UK.
  4. Together, based on these premises, define short and long-term strategy statements to our research funding bodies, in order to help articulate funding requirements and priorities.
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