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This is an ongoing collaborative process to submit a response to the BIS consultation from the EM community as decided at the June 11th BioImaging UK meeting, at LRI London.


4KEY QUESTION: What balance should we strike between meeting capital requirements at the individual research project and institution level, relative to the need for large-scale investments at national and international levels? (1000 words maximum)
Our world class research environment is underpinned by funding for the capital requirements of individual research projects and institutions. To complement this, strategic decision making at the national and international level is often required to coordinate investments in the national interest.  This consultation seeks views on how to balance these complementary needs.
5How can we maximise collaboration, equipment sharing, and access to industry to ensure we make the most of this investment? (1000 words maximum)
6What factors should we consider when determining the research capital requirement of the higher education estate? (1000 words maximum)
7Should - subject to state aids and other considerations - science and research capital be extended to Research and Technology Organisations and Independent Research Organisations when there are wider benefits for doing so? (1000 words maximum)
8KEY QUESTION: What should be the UK's priorities for large scale capital investments in the national interest, including where appropriate collaborating in international projects? (1000 words maximum)
The impressive strength and breadth of the UK research base means that we are presented with a huge range of potential investment opportunities. Demand inevitably outstrips funding. Therefore, there is a constant need to prioritise, and this consultation seeks your views to inform our approach. These strategic judgements require us to look first at what international competitors are investing in, and identifying where it is in the UK national interest to collaborate in international infrastructure projects. This may involve significant contributions to projects around the world or hosting them in the UK. We are seeking views on which of the important projects laid out in this consultation (pages 54-58) should be the highest priority. We are also welcoming suggestions of new potential high priority projects not identified here.
9What should the criteria for prioritising projects look like? (1000 words maximum)
10Are there new potential high priority projects which are not identified in this document? (1000 word maximum)
11Should we maintain a proportion of unallocated capital funding to respond to emerging priorities in the second half of this decade? (1000 word maximum)
12Are the major international projects identified in the consultation the right priorities for this scale of investment at the international level? Are there other opportunities for UK involvement in major global collaborations? (1000 words maximum)
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