6th Facility Manager Meeting

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Date and Venue

The 6th Facility Managers' meeting took place on Jan 7 & 8 2013, and was held at The School Biomedical Sciences (SBMS), The University of Nottingham.


The annual Facility Manager Meeting provides an opportunity for imaging managers and those that have an active interest in imaging to interact, discuss issues, policy and ideas. The meeting is informal and free discussion is encouraged. Participation from commercial organisations, microscope manufacturers and software developers is welcomed. The meeting provides an ideal opportunity for the exchange of feedback and to hear about new technologies and techniques.


Breakout session reports and discussion group material are linked to in the programme below.

Location: The University of Nottingham

Monday 7th January 2013

1100 – 1300 Registration and Lunch

1300 – 1315 Welcome and Introduction - Tim Self

1315 – 1500 Probes to Platforms

1. Fluorescent ligand development - Steve Briddon

2. High content screening – Nick Holliday

3. Biophysics, Imaging and Optical Science – Mike Somekh

4. SPOT whole animal imaging platform – Jeni Luckett

1500 – 1530 Tea & Coffee

1530 – 1700 TechnoBites

Short commercial presentations and questions

1700 – 1830 Discussion and Drinks

Tuesday 8th January 2012

0900 - 0915 Tea & Coffee

0915 – 0930 Introduction – Emma King

0930 – 0945 EuroBioImaging/BioImagingUK update

0945 – 1100 Discovery Discussions

1. Super resolution from Scratch – Martin Spitaler

2. Detector developments - Paul Thomas

3. CLEM –Lucy Collinson

4. Label free imaging – Jo Marrison

1100 – 1130 Tea & Coffee

1130 – 1300 Discovery Discussions breakouts

1. Super resolution techniques – Martin Spitaler

2. Detector Developments – Paul Thomas

3. Probes and label free techniques – Jo Marrison

4. CLEM –Lucy Collinson

5. MP applications and innovations

1300 – 1400 Lunch

1400 – 1530 Facilities’ Matters - Rolly Wiegland

1. Training and development

2. Funding and sustainability

3. Data Management

4. Post-it note problems, solutions and Top Tips

1530 Close

Meeting Report

The 6th FMM was held in the School Biomedical Sciences (SBMS), University of Nottingham in January hosted by Tim Self and Emma King. Attendance has continued to grow with a record 107 delegates this year comprising 65 academic and 45 commercial giving a real indication of the popularity of the meeting within the UK imaging community. The first session gave delegates an insight into some of the imaging studies being undertaken at the University of Nottingham and the talks ranged from fluorescent probes and FCS through, novel imaging technologies and HCS to intra vital imaging. Following on from this the commercial sponsors hosted a technobites session in which each company had 3 slides and a maximum of 5 minutes to present their latest technology or to simply introduce their company to the audience. This proved to be a very enjoyable and interactive process and led into an open discussion. The day was completed with a trip into Nottingham to England’s oldest pub and then on for an Indian banquet. The second day commenced with an update on Euro-bioimaging and Bioimaging UK given by Martin Spitaler. The morning session concluded with presentations from Martin Spitaler (super resolution from scratch), Paul Thomas (detector developments), Lucy Collinson (CLEM) and Jo Marrison (label free imaging). A popular part of the FMM has always been the breakout sessions and this year we discussed super resolution, detectors, label free, multiphoton applications and CLEM in small groups and then reconvened for a general discussion about the issues that had been raised. The meeting concluded with a discussion around the future of the FMM and also its interaction with Bioimaging UK.


If you have any comments regarding the meeting or if you wish to add more information / material, please send e-mail the meeting organiser Tim Self (Tim.Self@nottingham.ac.uk)

7th Facility Manager Meeting

Next year the meeting will be organised by Gareth Howell (g.j.howell@leeds.ac.uk) at Leeds and Dan Metcalf (daniel.metcalf@npl.co.uk) at NPL so look out for announcements later in the year and please pass details onto any colleagues that may not have attended an FMM before.

Further communication

Future communication dealing with every-day issues exclusively aimed at the Facility Manager community should be addressed to the UK-Microscopy mailing list at UK-MICROSCOPY@JISCMAIL.AC.UK. To register, please follow this link [1]

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