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BioImagingUK is an organic organization of UK scientists that develop, use, or administer imaging solutions for life sciences research.

BioImagingUK participates in Euro-BioImaging, and seeks to represent the views of UK scientists that use imaging to Euro-BioImaging and the wider community. This Wiki serves as our central point of collaboration.

Aims & Activities


  1. To develop and exploit new imaging technologies– driving development of and access to state-of-the-art imaging instrumentation.
  2. To devise and help implement mechanisms to enable shared access to the general and specialized expertise based in life sciences and medical imaging laboratories and facilities throughout the UK.
  3. To engage our departments, universities, and funding bodies to develop career models for the personnel that develop, maintain, and enable advanced imaging technology for the life and medical sciences.
  4. To define new training programmes, to provide the foundation for the next advances in life sciences and medical imaging within the UK.
  5. To work inclusively to define short and long-term strategy statements to our research funding bodies, in order to help articulate funding requirements and priorities.

UK Imaging Facilities

Members of BioImagingUK, in concert with the RMS have built a catalogue of UK imaging facilities-- the sites, the technologies and the people. Submit your facility today!!

News and Updates

June 2018 UPDATE: BioImagingUK's survey and interviews with UK Imaging Scientists is now live at

January 2017 UPDATE: BioImagingUK is submitting responses to two UK Govt Consultations:

MARCH 2015 UPDATE: BioImagingUK has been asked to contribute to two separate, but related UK Govt consultations:

  • The Nurse Review of Research Councils: call for evidence. Deadline is 17 April, 2015. Topics and feedback items are here.
  • The joint BBSRC/EPSRC/MRC consultation on 'Technology Touching Life'. Deadline is March 27, 2015. Questions and submitted answers are here.

JULY 2014 UPDATE: BioImagingUK, its goals and its potential structure were highlighted in the June 2014 issue of InFocus, the official magazine of the Royal Microscopical Society. (PDF)

JUNE 2014 UPDATE: A major outcome of BioimagingUK meeting at LRI was the decision to collaborate on responses to the BIS Consultation. The BioImagingUK Submission includes responses from both the Biological and Medical Imaging communities.

MAY 2014 UPDATE: BIS Open Consultation on Capital Investment in Capital and Research. Download the Strategy Document.

NOVEMBER 2013 UPDATE: Outcomes from the 1st Euro-BioImaging EoI Node Call: Strong UK Performance!!!!

NOVEMBER 2012 UPDATE: The final report from the BioImagingUK Strategy Meeting, held 2-3 July, 2012 at the Wellcome Trust Center in London, is now available. See our Meetings page for more info.

BIOIMAGING ON THE UK STRATEGIC ROADMAP: The RCUK Strategic Framework for Capital Investment highlights critical need for investment in biological and medical imaging. BioImagingUK even gets mentioned (p.19)! Thanks to all who responded to the consultation.

Meetings and Docs

We hold Meetings to discuss our priorities, activities, and strategies

We've prepared a series of Strategy Documents, defined by a series of BioImagingUK Working Groups.

We invite the BioImagingUK community to upload microscopy and imaging-related protocols to the Training & Documents page, which will provide a valuable resource for everyone.

Join us

The initial meeting of BioImagingUK was at the University of Manchester, Aug 25, 2009 where we defined our goals and future activities.

We are compiling a list of all UK microscopy and imaging facilities. Submit your facility to this list today!!

Are you interested in collaborating with us to maintain and to push forward the leading role of British research in bioimaging? It is easy: join the BioImagingUK Mailing List

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