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** Meeting [ Info/Programme]
** Meeting [ Info/Programme]
** Presentations
** Presentations
*** BioImagingUK Careers Survey/Euro-BioImaging Update ''Jason Swedlow'' ( PDF])
*** BioImagingUK Careers Survey/Euro-BioImaging Update ''Jason Swedlow'' ([ PDF])

Current revision as of 23:09, 3 January 2018

Meetings of interest to the BioImagingUK Community

in reverse chronological order

  • 11th UK LM Facility Manager Meeting Jan 4-5 2018

  • 10th UK Facility Manager Meeting Jan 5-6 2017

  • 1st BBSRC Biological Visualisation Network Annual Meeting Dec 16-17 2014

  • BioImagingUK Community Meeting June 11 2014
    • Organiser: Lucy Collinson
    • Meeting Goals and Programme
    • Location: London Research Institute (GMap)
    • Presentations from the Meeting
      • BioImagingUK Update and BIS Consultation Jason Swedlow (PDF)
      • The Lab Leaders Network Pippa Hawes
      • Astronomical imaging initiatives Jason McEwen (PDF)
      • The Imgae Analysis Community Luis Pizarro (PDF)
      • Update on the medical imaging community Xavier Golay (with contributions from Derek Thomas)
      • Introducing the image analysis community Luis Pizarro (PDF)
      • EPSRC EM Community Collaboration Pete Nellist (PDF)
      • Euro-BioImaging Update-- June 2014 Jason Swedlow (PDF)

  • Advanced Electron Microscopy Working Group April 9 2014

A meeting of the Materials Sciences and Physics imaging community, primarily focusing on electron and atomic microscopy, exploring the development of a community for this domain of imaging sciences.

    • Organiser: Peter Nellist and Rik Brydson
    • Meeting Info
    • Meeting Programme (PDF)
    • Location: Royal School of Mines, Imperial College London GMaps
    • Presentations from the Meeting:
      • J Swedlow, BioImagingUK (PDF)

  • 6th UK Facility Manager Meeting Jan 6-7 2014
    • Organiser: Michelle Peckham
    • Registration Form. NOW CLOSED
    • Meeting Info
    • Provisional Programme (PDF)
    • Location: Conference Auditorium, University of Leeds. GMaps or University of Leeds Map (PDF); The Meeting Page at has lots of great tips for getting to the meeting.

  • Euro-BioImaging Stakeholders Meeting, Heidelberg, Nov 25-26, 2013
    • Meeting Info
    • Registration Form
    • Meeting Agenda (PDF)
    • Presentations from the Meeting
      • Status Report-- Oliver Speck (PDF)
      • Access Examples-- Karsten Specht and Judith Klumperman (PDF)
      • Infrastructure Access Model-- John Eriksson (PDF)
      • The Euro-BioImaging Hub and Node Model and its Governance Structure- Antje Keppler (PDF)
      • The Euro-BioImaging 1st Open Call for Nodes - Pamela Zolda (PDF)
      • Achievements of Euro-BioImaging Preparatory Phase (PDF)
      • Next steps towards construction - Benny Geiger (PDF)
      • ESFRI Research Infrastructurs and Horizon 2020- Ann Uustalu (European Commission) (PDF)
      • Break-our session Medical Imaging- Aad van der Lugt (PDF)

  • BioImagingUK Meeting, Seminar Room (Medawar Bldg Rm 2.30), MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology, London, April 12, 2013
    • Meeting Location (MRC Building on UCL campus): (Google Map)
    • Meeting Goals and Programme
    • The MRC LMCB is nearest to the Gordon Street entrance to UCL, which is just past the Bloomsbury Theatre on the right-hand side of Gordon Street heading away from Euston Road. The postcode for the Bloomsbury Theatre is WC1H 0AH
    • Directions to the MRC LMCB from Euston and King's Cross railway stations and Euston Square Underground (Map)
    • Presentation: Jason Swedlow(PDF)
    • Meeting Summary (PDF)

  • Euro-BioImaging Stakeholders Meeting, Vienna, Jan 21-22, 2013
    • Meeting Info
    • Registration Form
    • Final Programme
    • UK Meeting Attendees: Jason Swedlow (Dundee), Josh Rappaport (Birmingham), Dave Clarke (STFC Harwell), Martin Spitaler (Imperial)
    • Presentations Available for Download
    • Notes from meeting compiled by Dave Clarke, Josh Rappoport, and Martin Spitaler (PDF)

  • BioImagingUK Strategy Meeting, July 2-3, 2012, London, UK

  • Euro-BioImaging Stakeholders Meeting, Heidelberg, Jan 30-31, 2012
    • Attendees: Jason Swedlow (Dundee), Kurt Anderson (Beatson), Paul Verkade (Bristol), Peter Smith (Southampton), Hans Schuppe (Southampton), Jo Marrison (York), Sunil Kumar (Imperial)
    • Meeting Info
    • Draft Programme
    • Breakout Session Schedule
    • Meeting Report

  • Bioimaging Probes Workshop: Imaging for Human Health
    • Date: 27 October 2011
    • Location: Chemistry Centre, Burlington House, London, UK
    • The Royal Society of Chemistry and King's College London Medical Engineering Centre are hosting a workshop on Imaging Probes for Human Health. The forthcoming workshop aims to stimulate multidisciplinary links, discussion and collaborations between academic and industry researchers on imaging probes. The workshop will focus on research working across platforms PET, NMR, Ultrasound and microscopy, pre-clinically and clinically. The meeting will also be used to inform funding bodies and to raise awareness of the role of chemistry in healthcare innovation.
    • Info and Registration

  • 4th BioImagingUK Facility Manager Meeting January 2011

  • BioImagingUK Meeting, London, November 10, 2009
    • Location: Medical Research Council Head Office, 20 Park Crescent, London, W1B 1AL. Map
    • Meeting Agenda
    • Meeting materials:
      • Latest Update (2Nov09) on Euro-BioImaging-- Antje Keppler, Euro-BioImaging Project Manager (PDF)
      • Description of Imaging Solutions Centre, Harwell-- Dave Clarke, ISC, Harwell (PDF)
      • Exemplar outline Proposal for HT Screening by Imaging Facility-- Paul French, Imperial (PDF)
      • Outline proposal (unsuccessful) for Mid Range Facility for In Vivo Optical Imaging-- Paul French, Imperial (PDF)
    • Meeting Summary and Actions

  • Euro-BioImaging Stakeholders Meeting, Heidelberg, Sept 21-22, 2009
    • Meeting Programme
    • Work Package Descriptions
    • Attendees: Jason Swedlow (Dundee), Kurt Anderson (Beatson), Jo Marrison (York), Paul Verkade (Bristol), Gail McConnell (Strathclyde), Martin Spitaler (Imperial), Daniel Zicha (LRI), Peter Shaw (John Innes), Viki Allan (Manchester), Trevor Jackson (Newcastle)
    • Presentations
      • Overview of Euro-BioImaging and Component Work Packages-- Antje Keppler and Pamela Zolda (PDF)
      • Biological and Medical Sciences Thematic Working Group/ESFRI-- Eckhart Curtius (PDF)
      • Overview of ESFRI and European Commission-- Jean-Emmanuel Faure (PDF)
      • European Science Foundation-- S Berghmans (PDF)
      • EMBO Overview-- G Wallon (PDF)
    • LOIs-- we need LOIs from funding agencies, government ministries, and commercial vendors expressing their support for the activities of BioImaginguK and Euro-BioImaging. Template LOIs are available for commercial, government ministries, and funding bodies. If you have any questions about these LOIs, please contact Jason Swedlow.

  • First meeting of Euro-BioImaging Stakeholders and national representatives, 26 June 2009
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